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General Asset Information & FAQ
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What kind of assets does Poliigon offer?

Through cutting-edge 3D creation processes, we deliver photoreal, ultra-high-quality textures, models, and HDRIs for archviz, product rendering, game design, vfx, animation and more.

Why choose Poliigon?

Poliigon authors assets using industry standard techniques to ensure we have the highest quality and technically sound content available on the market today. For technical information on how we author our assets, please visit [ ].

We've recently re-designed our asset pages to feature larger previews, so the quality of our assets shine like never before. For our texture assets: we also provide a rendered environment displaying the material in HDR lighting. We're also working on providing video previews, giving users a more accurate representation of things like displacement and roughness, so users know exactly what they're getting before they purchase.

Additionally, Poliigon also provides free to use addons and extensions for some of the most popular 3d software packages. These tools allow users to utilize Poliigon materials quickly and efficiently to create better renders, faster. Click here and navigate to the page for your desired software if you'd like to test drive some of our software addons.

Are assets available for my preferred Software / Renderer?

Poliigon explicitly supports some of the most popular software packages, including Blender, 3ds Max, Cinema 4d, Sketchup and Maya, and renderers like Arnold, Octane, Corona, Redshift, Vray and Cycles.

Users can specify their desired software and renderer when downloading each asset, or even set a global download preference for software and preferred resolution. To read more about managing your account settings, click here.

Do you provide tech support for using Poliigon assets?

To help you get a head start on finding the resources you need here are some links to sections of the help center for the major 3D applications.

Cinema 4D
Game Engines (Unreal and Unity)

Don't see your software listed here? Please check Other Packages where you'll find some tutorials for other applications.

Please note that if your software package or renderer isn't on the above list, while we can provide basic troubleshooting for some software-agnostic issues, we always recommend visiting a forum dedicated to the software in question.

Is there anywhere I can see Poliigon assets in use?

Yes! We occasionally release showcases and shorts across the following socials:

(images and news updates)

(video shorts)

If you're looking for tutorials, you can check out our official Youtube channel: Poliigon Official

Our CEO also runs the popular Youtube channel Blender Guru (famous for the donut tutorial). Videos don't always feature Poliigon assets, but when they do they're called out: Blender Guru

Please note that we can't guarantee all assets featured in videos will be available indefinitely. Please see the following answer regarding unpublished assets.

I'm having trouble locating assets that were previously available on your site. Where did they go?

Occasionally we discontinue some sections of assets on our site, if they were produced some time ago, and we don't feel as though they reflect the quality standards we aim to meet with our current releases. If you own any of the assets in question, they won't be visible in the standard grid view. If you navigate to "My Assets" from the user icon from the top right, the assets will display as expected. Currently we have no plans to bring these assets back.

I don't see a texture that I need. Would I be able to suggest one?

Yes! Please check out our Asset Request Hello Next Board. Please note that this is a suggestion form and not an official request ticket. We consider these requests, along with current trends for our upcoming releases.

Some textures include black bars, making them non-tiling. How do I use these? (will remove section once stone v2 is fully complete)

Poliigon provides both handmade and photoscanned assets. Ocassionally we'll come across an organic material we want to scan, like some of our Marble for example, that's beautiful and unique, but difficult to create a tiling material from. That's where texture dilation comes in!

To read more about why this can be necessary, and how you can remove the bars if you'd like, please see our article on Texture Dilation.

Some of your assets have an option to choose between Specular and Metalness when downloading. How do I know which is right for me?

The short answer is: it depends on your software package and renderer. If you're unsure, a quick google search should turn up some answers as for what your preferred software package expects.

For a more in-depth answer, please check the relevant help page [here]/

I'd like to commission Poliigon to make custom assets, is this possible?

For a single user or small number of assets, the answer is likely no. At an enterprise level, we may be able to work with your brand to create a custom collection of assets. In fact, we have several collections on our site that were created in partnership with other businesses.

For a quick look at what's possible, check out this highlight from our collaboration with Best Cheer Stone:

To inquire about commissioned work, please contact

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