Canceling Your Subscription

You can cancel your Poliigon subscription at any time from your account dashboard.

Canceling your subscription will not issue a refund, but it will prevent any further charges.

Once cancelled your account dashboard will show “Subscription Cancellation Scheduled” until your subscription expires at the end of your current billing term. During this time you can continue to use any remaining credits and if you’re on an annual subscription you will continue to receive credits monthly.

Once your subscription ends you can continue to download any assets you already own but you will lose any remaining credits so we encourage you to use these first.

Refund Policy

If you’re not happy with your Poliigon subscription for any reason and you haven’t yet used any credits you can receive a full refund of any payments within the last 30 days (minus transaction fees).

Refunds are not automatic so please contact to request a refund.

Please note:

  • Poliigon credits are non-refundable, if you’ve used any of your Poliigon credits then you will not be eligible for a refund for any payments made before the use of those credits.

  • Transaction fees vary by payment processor, currency and country therefore we apply a flat 5% rate for the calculation of transaction fees.

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