How do Credits Work & Refund Policy

Information on how to obtain credits as well as policies on their use & our refund policy.

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What are Credits for?

Poliigon Credits are used to purchase assets such as textures and models. The credit cost of an asset may vary. Once credits are spent to purchase an asset, that asset is available to re-download indefinitely, regardless of subscription status.

Assets purchased with credits come at a better value than if purchased directly, so we'd always recommend checking out our available subscription plans.

Obtaining Credits

Poliigon Credits can be obtained by purchasing one of our available subscription plans. The amount of credits awarded differs from plan to plan, and can be viewed on our pricing page.

Please note that on-demand credit packs that were previously available, have been discontinued.

When will I receive credits? Do they roll over?

You will receive credits immediately after purchasing a subscription, and then again every month or year while your subscription remains active, depending on the plan selected.

By default, our subscriptions will automatically renew. Your renewal date can be found on your account dashboard. To learn more about where to locate account information, visit the [relevant help page]. Please note that we recently changed how annual subscriptions work. Users purchasing an annual subscription will now receive the full year's credits up front, instead of awarded monthly.

In addition to receiving credits every month or year, any unused credits from the previous term will roll over to the next.

Do credits expire? What happens if I cancel my subscription?

There is no expiration date on credits. As long as your subscription remains active, your credits will be available to you indefinitely.

If you wish to cancel your subscription for any reason, any unused credits on your account will expire at the time the subscription terminates. For this reason, we strongly recommend spending your credits each term, as credits lost due to an expired subscription are not recoverable. To learn more about cancelling your subscription, see here.

I can't or don't want to continue my subscription because I have more credits than I can reasonably use. What are my options?

Users must spend their credits to purchase assets while their subscription is still active. Users on annual plans may find it beneficial to downgrade to a monthly plan to reduce cost while using their remaining credits. Subscription credits are our cheapest method with which to purchase assets. Users cannot access or spend subscription credits unless they have an active subscription.

We do have a Pause Subscription feature available, however it's intended use is to suspend payments only. Users are unable to spend credits during a pause. To learn more about pausing your subscription, see here.

I have a subscription plan, but have already run out of credits for my current term. What are my options?

Users not already on our highest available subscription tier are able to upgrade their subscription from their account page. Navigate to Update Plan > Select your Current Plan > Edit Subscription > Change > and finally select your desired plan from the drop-down. The pop-up will display when these changes will take effect.

If you have run out of credits and can't wait for your renewal date to upgrade or receive more, please contact

Refund Policy

If you’re not happy with your Poliigon subscription for any reason and you haven’t yet used any credits , or have made a Pay as you Go purchase and haven't yet downloaded the asset, you can receive a full refund of any payments made within the last 30 days

(Minus transaction fees. Transaction fees vary by payment processor, currency and country therefore we apply a flat 5% rate for the calculation of transaction fees).

Refunds are not automatic so please contact to request a refund.

I've spent credits to purchase an asset, but it wasn't what I expected, What are my options?

  • If you spent credits on an asset, but decide it's not usable for your use case after downloading it, those credits are non-refundable. We spend a great deal of time and money ensuring our assets are presented in a way that best communicates their technical specifications, merits and in some cases, intended use, so we're unable to provide refunds in these cases.

  • If you spent credits on an asset mistakenly, and you have not yet downloaded that asset, you may be entitled to a refund for those credits. Please reach out to

  • If you spent credits on an asset, and believe the asset is not as advertised and/or there is a clear technical issue with the asset (for example, missing or incorrect texture maps), please reach out to, so we can rectify the issue if applicable.

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