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How to use Poliigon Textures with Maya and RenderMan
How to use Poliigon Textures with Maya and RenderMan
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Before plugging in maps manually, why not try out our easy to use Maya addon to quickly load in your materials?



  1. Create a PxrSurface material.

  2. Insert the COL map into the Color channel.

  3. Under Primary Specular section:
    - Set the Specular Fresnel Mode to Physical.
    - Insert the REFL map into the Edge Color input and invert it.
    - Insert the GLOSS map into the Roughness input. Set this map to linear and invert it.
    - Under Advanced, set the Specular model to Ggx.

  4. Add a PxrNormalMap and plug it into the (Globals) Bump Normal. 

  5. Insert the NRM map into the PxrNormalMap Input Normal, and set it to Linear. Set the Bump Orientation to OpenGL. Note, RenderMan doesn't like 8bit jpg normals by default, and so when an 8-bit JPG map is used you'll need to insert a maya "gammaCorrect" node between the JPG and the PxrNormalMap. Then in this node set all three Gamma channels to 2.2.

  6. Create and insert a PxrDisplace into the main Displacement Shader, and then insert the DISP into the Disp Scalar value. Set the Gain to 0.1.

Metal materials are the same as regular materials but with these exceptions:

  1. Turn off the invert for the REFL map.

  2. Under the Primary Specular section, instead of Physical mode for the Specular Fresnel mode, set it back to Artistic and then change the Fresnel Exponent to 0. (Edge color and roughness inputs stay the same)

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