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New Asset Pricing

The removal of credits and replacement with a single asset price

Updated over a week ago

Since Poliigon launched in 2015, we have offered textures, models and HDRIs costing anywhere from 10 - 100 credits. And whilst this let us price assets according to their value, we learned over time that it added unnecessary complexity to how you use the site.

So after listening to your feedback, we've simplified Poliigon so that every asset, regardless of type (Texture/Model/HDRI), is priced as 1 Asset. This means no more juggling credit amounts for different assets – they’re all the same!

Examples of Asset Pricing Changes

  1. Textures: Previously 10-100 credits, now 1 Asset.

  2. Models: Previously 10-100 credits, now 1 Asset.

  3. HDRIs: Previously 10 credits, now 1 Asset.

Subscription Changes

All subscriptions now come with assets per month, instead of credits per month. This along with the asset price changes offers better value, and makes it easier to pick the right plan for you. Visit the pricing page to see our updated plans.

For existing subscribers we have sent you an email detailing the exact change to your account, in essence your plan now gives you a number of assets every month/year instead of credits and your credit balance is now your Asset Balance.

To calculate your assets per month/year and asset balance we converted the existing credits at 10 to 1 ratio, essentially dropping the zero and rounding up.

Your existing subscription price and status have not changed but you can now purchase more assets than before with the same plan.

For example

You had a subscription offering 200 credits/month. This meant you could buy 2-20 Textures, 2-20 Models or 20 HDRIs. Now you receive 20 Assets per month. Meaning you can buy any 20 Textures, 20 Models or 20 HDRIs.

You had a balance of 101 credits. This meant you could buy 1-10 Textures, 1-10 Models or 10 HDRIs. Now you have 11 Assets, meaning you can buy any 11 Textures, 11 Models or 11 HDRIs.

Software Updates

As part of this update we've also released updates to our Blender Addon and 3dsMax Plugin, if you use either of these we recommend updating. You can download the latest versions using the links below.

What hasn't changed

All Free assets are still free and downloading assets you've already purchased is still free, even if you cancel your subscription.

If you have any questions about this change please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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