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Technical Help - How to Use Our Assets
Technical Help - How to Use Our Assets

A short overview of how to get technical support and where to find tutorials and usage articles about Poliigon assets.

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Hi, I'm Bill Barber and I head up technical support and education here at Poliigon. It's our aim to make sure you can not only download high quality assets but also make the best possible use of them in your software and renderer.

To help you get a head start on finding the resources you need here are some links to sections of the help center for the major 3D applications.

Cinema 4D
Game Engines (Unreal and Unity)

Don't see your software listed here? Please check Other Packages where you'll find some tutorials for other applications and if you can't find what you're looking for or need any form of additional help please don't hesitate to contact us on or use the chat client on our main site.

To keep up to date with new tutorials, you can subscribe to the dedicated Poliigon Tutorials YouTube Channel.

A note about .zip files.

Our team recommends the following steps to unzip your files:

  1. For unzipping single assets on Windows:
    - Right-click the zip file
    - Click Extract All
    - Click Extract on the popup
    This will put the asset into its own named asset folder with the asset files inside.

  2. For unzipping multiple assets on Windows:
    - Install 7zip from (it's free)
    - Select all the assets you want to unzip
    - right-click on one of the zip files
    - hover over 7zip
    - Select Extract Files

Mac OS can use Archive Utility for appropriate results.

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