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Questions About Our Texture Library
Questions About Our Texture Library
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Are Poliigon's textures compatible with any rendering application?

Our textures are compatible with most 3d applications that accept common image file formats, such as 3ds Max, Cinema4D, Maya etc.  For real-time game engines such as Unreal or Unity however, some of the texture maps may need to be modified to function correctly.  Please note that there are certain applications such as Vectorworks and Lumion that we only partially support.  This is because they do not accept all of our map types, and as such our materials will be incomplete.

I don't see a texture that I need. Would I be able to suggest one?

Yes!  Please check out our Asset Request Hello Next Board.  Please note that this is a suggestion form and not an official request ticket.  We consider these requests, along with current trends for our upcoming releases.

Can I redownload textures or assets without spending credits again?  Where can I find them?

Yes!  After you purchase a texture or asset, they are considered an "Acquired Asset". You can redownload acquired assets, in any of the available formats available for that asset, for as many times as you like!  You can also download acquired assets after your subscription has expired.  To view your acquired assets, select a category on the Textures page and set the filter to "My Assets".

Can I use the materials, even after my subscription expires?

Yes!  You can use them at any time, as long as you use them according to our terms and conditions.  Please view our License FAQ for full details.

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