What are the credits for?
Credits are used for purchasing Poliigon assets, such as textures, brushes and models.  When you purchase an asset, you will be able to download all of the individual files included (such as a diffuse map, gloss map, etc. for a material).  The cost of our assets start at 4 credits and it can vary, depending on the type.  To acquire credits, visit our Pricing page and click on "Get Started" on the plan of your choice.

Do the credits roll-over if I have a Subscription?  Do they expire?

Your credits will roll over from month to month as long as your subscription remains active.

If you cancel your subscription or it expires due to failed payments, any unused credits in your account will expire.

Do higher resolution textures cost more credits?

Nope!  We don't charge extra for higher resolutions :)   Once an asset is purchased, you can download any or all of the sizes.

Can I redownload textures or assets without spending credits again?  Where can I find them?

Yes!  After you purchase a texture or asset, they are considered an "Acquired Asset". You can redownload acquired assets, in any of the available formats available for that asset, for as many times as you like!  You can also download acquired assets after your subscription has expired.  To view your acquired assets, select a category on the Textures page and set the filter to "My Assets".

When is my billing date?  When do my credits refresh?

For Monthly plans: Your billing date is on the Monthly anniversary of your first Monthly plan payment, unless there is a failed payment.  Credits also refresh monthly at the same time

For Yearly plans: Your billing date is on the Yearly anniversary of your first Yearly plan payment, unless there is a failed payment.  Credits refresh monthly on the monthly anniversary date of your first Yearly payment.

If your subscription is canceled, your account and credits will expire at the end of your current billing cycle.

Is there a Trial plan?  How do I download the free textures?

If you would like to try some of our textures, you can sign-up and download some hi-res samples from our Free section.

To download the premium content, please subscribe to one of our plans or buy an On-demand credit pack!

Can I use the textures or assets, even after my subscription expires?

Yes!  You can use them at any time, as long as you use them according to our terms and conditions.  Please view our License FAQ for full details.

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